IWA at Home

Superior Quality Home Support
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Our Team

Highly experienced Personal Assistants and Service Coordinators continue to raise standards of support through personal and professional improvement, dedication and partnership between our customers, their families and the other professionals we work alongside

Personal Assistants

All our Personal Assistants (PAs) are specifically trained for the individual cases they work on and provide an extremely professional standard of support & assistance. We take great pride and care to ensure that every customer is matched with the most suitable PA, as it is vital to them receiving the standard of service most appropriate to their personal needs.

Additional Services

Where there are complex, diverse and multi-faceted requirements for a customer such as nursing support, IWA at Home can provide a clinical lead who will manage, supervise and support the whole package ensuring that the service meets all the needs of the individual and that quality services are provided on an ongoing basis.

Service Coordinators

Our team of Service Coordinators will work together with individuals and their families to develop a holistic, personalised package, so that each customer’s home support service is exactly what they need. Working with the PA they will ensure all customers needs are met, including additional services such as trips to doctors, hairdressers, going shopping or organising utility bills.
The service and requirements of the customer are assessed regularly, and quality of service is monitored by the National Service Coordinators.

Dedicated Staff

Irish Wheelchair Association is proud to have one of the highest staff retention rates within the sector and can guarantee our customers’ reliability and consistency in the service they choose.


All Personal Assistants are specifically trained for the individual cases they work on and will therefore provide a safe, professional and superior standard of support and assistance.