IWA at Home

Superior Quality Home Support
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What We Do

In consultation with our customer, IWA at Home will help create a personalised package tailored to suit their specific needs, and designed to overcome any obstacles to their living as fulfilling, active and independent a life as they can.

Enhancing Independence

Our team will deliver a customised package with the sole purpose of helping our customer achieve as independent a lifestyle as possible, keeping them active in their community and enjoying the self-esteem that comes with that.


IWA Personal Assistants (PAs) provide over 1 million hours of individual support on an annual basis, into thousands of Irish homes year after year. These relationships have given our team an unrivalled level of experience and expertise in providing personal support in the home and community.


Our highly trained PAs can provide a superior level of support with all tasks, from high level complex care to housework, meal preparation, personal care and social activities – depending on each customers personal needs

"Its absolutely brilliant to be back in circulation. I have my freedom back again because of the services". IWA Customer Kilkenny

"My disability must not disable my family. The service has enabled me to keep the balance in my family relationships
and to return to work". IWA Customer Galway