Personal assistance at school and college for people with disabilities

If you have a physical disability, our personal assistants can provide practical support at school or college, to help you reach your potential.

How can we help you at school/college?

IWA at Home can provide you with a skilled personal assistant, who will support you to live life to the full in school and college. They can take notes with you in class, help you get books from the library and assist with photocopying. Our classroom assistants can provide additional support at exam time.

Your personal assistant can also drive your accessible vehicle or assist you in accessing public transport to and from your place of study. While you’re on campus, they will fulfill your personal care needs and provide support at lunch and break times.

College life is not all about study, so your personal assistant can accompany you to social events so that you can spend leisure time with your classmates and widen your social circle.

Talk to your Access Officer today about an accessibility grant and progress your journey to college.



Are you a charity/other organisation whose members would benefit from personal assistants or care?

Does your organisation have members who would benefit from personal assistants or care?

Why not have a chat with us about how we can work together.

We can support people who need for example, home help, a gym buddy, disability support services, access to travel, one-to-one support and much more.

We work in collaboration with other charities and not-for-profits to deliver the highest standards of care and service.

IWA at Home would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your members’ particular requirements and how we can jointly fulfil their needs. 

What our customers say

I have worked closely with the Irish Wheelchair Association for the past twenty years. My work involves devising, recommending and costing personal assistance for service users. I have always held this non-profit organisation in high esteem and have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with them. Their recruitment/selection process, training, supervision and monitoring of staff is of the highest standard. Over the years they have been fully compliant with all aspects of legislation. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.”
Noreen Roche
Nursing Consultant, Ergonomist and Safety Advisor

Get in touch

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