Specialist & 24-Hour Care

Your Quality of Life is Our Priority

IWA at Home provides specialist, 24-hour care for people with disabilities who need a high level of continuous support to live at home, go to work/college or to live independently.
    If you have a spinal injury, a long-term condition, are recovering from an illness or undergoing rehabilitation and require a high level of care and support to exercise your independence, this service is ideal for you.

    Our 24 Hour Care Service provides:

    • Personal assistance 24 hours a day
    • Overnight nursing support/weekend support
    • All aspects of clinical support
    • Service management
    • Support for health and wellbeing
    • Assistance in personal care and professional life
    • Support for children with disabilities’

    What our clients say about the service?

    "I have used the IWA At Home service for both nurses and personal assistants for the past four years in my role as Case Manager to families who have loved ones with Cerebral Palsy and Acquired Brain Injury. A highly skilled, motivated team. A pleasure to work with."

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